MS Research Treatment and Education Newsletter 5 print

MS Research Treatment and Education is a charity dedicated to furthering our understanding of MS and developing better treatments through research and education, with your help we aim to:
Listen to people with MS and those who share their lives.
Learn more about the problems they face everyday.
Act to address and alleviate those problems.
These principles have driven our approach to MS for many years and encouraged us to try and get to the heart of key problems experienced by those who have MS. Through
research into key areas of difficulty, and the “translation” of the successful outcome of research into therapies available to the MS community through education and training we aim to show how funds so generously donated by you have resulted in new therapies and treatments. While we can allow ourselves a little pat on the back for progress so far we can never forget that much more needs to be done.
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Experiences of Multiple Sclerosis

Inviting you to share your experience of Multiple Sclerosis

Sharing your experience of Multiple sclerosis would warm all hearts…

Experiences of Multiple Sclerosis
A doctoral researcher is now recruiting people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to take part in an interview study.

If you would like further information on taking part please contact Abi Eccles via email or phone 07587 142597
Or, if you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this link to them

Please download the multiple sclerosis information sheet for further details.