Preliminary study into understanding fatigue in MS

Do you have MS?
Do you live in the Bristol area? Do you have MS related fatigue?

Preliminary study into understanding fatigue in MS

If you would like to know more please call 0117 958 6986 or contact


In collaboration with the University of Bristol and The CRIC
(Centre for Research and Imaging Centre) MS Research is supporting a preliminary study to try and help us understand more about fatigue and MS. If you would like to know more please call 0117 958 6986 or contact


Checking your weight should be easy

The bathroom scales are very conveniently placed…and then you soon realize that you cannot stand immobile safely long enough to take a proper reading. You have no core stability and pull down a towel rail when falling…Is it familiar?

Multiple Sclerosis or MS attacks the nerve fibres that carry messages to and from your brain, symptoms can occur in any part of your body and that includes poor core stability. That means falling a lot during the day. These falls are so frequent….they do not get mentioned. Then one forgets the easy way of stepping on the scale.

Among all of what is happening with coping with an everyday life with MS, stepping on weighing scales is the last thing that comes to mind…

But you need to check:

  • before an operation with general anaesthetics.
  • during assessments by health and care professionals.
  • some medications need to be administered according to your weight.

It is important to check your weight regularly, easily and with a minimum of fuss. There are means that enable this in your community:

There are easy ways to find the weight of your wheelchair, an ordinary chair or your sticks…

Read what happens when you would like help in the community or in a hospital…

MS Meeting Point Open Day

MS Meeting Point Open Day Invitation

MS Meeting Point Open Day Invitation


MS Awareness Week 2014 – April 28th to May 4th

We would love for you to join us during MS Awareness Week this year at our new “Meeting Point” in Bristol listen to expert guest speakers discussing relevant MS related issues, or maybe just for a cup of tea and a chat with one of our professionals, volunteers or trustees? Read More

If you are interested in popping down on Wednesday 30th of April please email or call 0117 958 6986 and let us know.

Nadia is going up Kilimanjaro

Nadia and Holly

Nadia and Holly are going up Kilimanjaro

Nadia and Holly are going up Kilimanjaro! You could think that is easy…

Holly was diagnosed two years ago with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It starts with attacks that affects the body functions. It comes and goes, it is remitting and relapsing. At the time one is young in a career that makes one hopeful MS has to return or remit. What if you are an air hostess in a strange place far from home?

What if the symptoms you have make you look as if you are under the influence of alcohol? Slurred speech or lack of balance…It is very tough at 25!

I left hospital not knowing much about my condition, or if indeed I would ever walk properly again, said Holly.

Nadia decided that her inspirational friend Holly was not going through with this on her own. They both want to find better treatments for the disease.On January 24th 2014 they will together start climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on the Machame Route.
Give Nadia some support, donate using the Justgiving link:

Think of using Gift Aid as it will make your donation go further. It is a massive challenge for both, mentally and physically. Any donation will make a huge difference, and please don’t underestimate how much your support means to them.

Lara treks Kilimanjaro for MS Research

To support Lara or to find out more about her incredible challenge please visit

To support Lara or to find out more about her incredible challenge please

While other 16 year olds  are breathing a sigh of relief at the end of their GCSE’s and looking forward to a carefree summer the extraordinary Lara Alexander has chosen to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and raise funds for MS Research Training and Education at the same time. Lara will be taking on the 10 day trek in Africa along with her father James. The 5,895 metre
ascent is both physically and mentally challenging so they are both looking for to the breath-taking views and sense of achievement upon reaching the summit.

Lara’s motivation for choosing MS Research is personal; twelve years ago Lara’s uncle was diagnosed with MS and having witnessed how MS has affected him and his family Lara feels strongly that help and support is a vital step
towards finding a cure for and raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

MS Research Training and Education wish Lara and James the best of luck for
their trek and would like to thank them so very much for their support, we
think they are amazing!

To support Lara or to find out more about her incredible challenge please


THE ROUGH GUIDE to Accessible Britain
The fourth edition of the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is available to view…look out for any inspiration for festive venues this end of year. There are hundreds of reviews of accessible attractions you will be spoilt for choice this Christmas!

Look out for the next edition as soon as it is out!


Accessible Britain reviewer and foreword writer, Emma Bowler, shares her thoughts on the fourth edition: “All the sites have been reviewed by disabled people for access as well as quality entertainment, and we have introduced three fantastic new features: scenic drives, town reviews and 2012 Olympic venues, which I’m really excited about!”


…produced in association with Motability…Meet the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain contributors…follow @AccessibleGuide on twitter…

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MS Research is looking forward to seeing the back of MS! We want more research on new stem cell technologies, nerve protection and improving treatment.

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