Parachute Jump for MS Research charity


Imagine looking down on a miniature world, then drifting slowly down towards it, with complete quiet, only the wind rushing past you.  Wayne Farrell and Mark Wynne, who live in the Chester area, experienced that sensation on Sunday 17th October 2010, during their fundraising freefall parachute jump for Multiple Sclerosis Research.

You can read the full story of Wayne Farrell and Mark Wynne who jumped for MS Research charity using Skyline. If you raise the minimum sponsorship money you get to skydive for FREE!

You could book online for your turn to jump for MS Research charity. The money raised will go towards research aimed at finding practical solutions to some of the problems people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) face, and to helping to understand the processes of nerve damage that occur in MS so we can contribute to finding a cure.

Download Press Release Thanks for reading this!

Press_Release_Parachute_Jump.pdf Download this file


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