Giveacar gives steady support to MS Research charity

Giveacar, fledgling social enterprise and Observer Ethical Awards finalist collects old cars from their owners free of charge and scraps or sells them at auction depending on the condition of the vehicles.The proceeds from the auction or sale of the recycled materials are then donated to the charity of the donor’s choice- and about every two weeks for the last 8 months someone has chosen MS Research as the destination for their donation.

Now a veteran affiliated charity of Giveacar, MS Research has had a steady trickle of unwanted cars being crushed into much needed funds for the care and eventual cure of people with Multiple Sclerosis. The number to date stands at 15 vehicles, totalling a massive £1201.87. The average price per vehicle is £80.12, with the top seller netting £108.50. Giveacar has raised over £400 000 for charity in the 18 months since it was established and is still going strong, smashing about 70 cars a week for charity cash.

If you have a more mature motor that you want to donate to further MS Research‘s fantastic work, get in touch with Giveacar. 

This is environmentally and ethically sound: use Giveacar to recycle an old car and help us find better ways to treat MS, such as restoring some mobility! It is easy to get in touch, click on Giveacar or phone 020 0011 1664! 






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