Helen’s Charity Auction finished for 2010!

Helen’s Charity Auctions – or HCA – is an organisation set up to raise funds for MS Research. Notable people donate items which HCA then auctions off to the highest bidder on ebayforcharity!
The last auction of 2010 was earlier in December and here are a few words from Helen Thomas:

I had lots of bids and we raised £213.11 which is brilliant.

Thanks to everyone who bid and congratulations to the lucky winners

The next auction should be held on the last working day of December but this is New Years Eve. So in order to give everyone’s purses a rest I will be holding it instead on the 31st of January.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for supporting me and MS research!

All proceeds go towards research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

We are so happy at MS Research and send our best wishes and grateful thanks to the generous bidders and wonderful volunteers who helped us in 2010 to make a real difference for persons who have MS, who share their lives and who treat MS: new drugs, technologies, healthcare ambitions and also will support training and education to further knowledge about MS.


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