Sponsor Jess Rickman for MS Research

MS Research has launched the £ 1Million 365 Appeal to sponsor a research day. It is a delight to get news of a fundraiser getting ready for an event. I got the idea to post a donation widget for the Stockholm Marathon. Jess Rickman is generous to MS Research charity, please sponsor Jess!

Here is part of the message that she sent from her Facebook group:

Subject: sponsor me!!!
hey guys, hope you’re all well and havin a good weekend,last sunday i went to Silverstone to do the half marathon that i did in just under 2 hours which im pretty happy with considering injuries. im fast approaching my full marathon-3 months may seem far away but it really doesnt feel like it for me. im just under half way towards my sponsorship target of £700, thanks to those people who have already donated. If you havent yet sponsored me please do-any money you could donate would spurn me on to train harder and drink less which i really need to do. it doesnt have to be a lot but it would make a big difference.please donate on my page at Justgiving

On Facebook add Justgiving as an apps, please add my page and share it with all your friends…http://www.justgiving.com/Jess-Rickman





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