New 365 Appeal Fundraising Pack Online

top ideas for fundraising. Join our new fundraising campaign! This pack provides tons of inspirational ideas for fundraising close to home, outdoors or with a team, so you can help fund MS Research every day of the year!
“Sponsor MS research for a day” is looking for groups to raise £500, and for individuals to raise at least £250 each.

MS Research charity is raising £1 million to fund research particularly in to resolving some of the problems of symptoms currently difficult to treat like fatigue, incontinence, deteriorating mobility and intention tremor. The research on tremor will develop a means of suppressing unwanted movements and restore useful function. The results will make significant progress to improve treatment and the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS Research charity is funding work to further the understanding of tremor, and to develop mechanisms to control arm movement with advanced orthotics and miniature robotics. This is a neglected area of disability, and one where few groups conduct research.
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