MS Research Facebook Cause reaches 500 members

Wonderful news, MS Research charity cause on Facebook has reached 500 members, that is a crowd! Next is a guild for 1000 members…Just when I was posting a widget on our blog for Jon Onyon who will do the Sony Ericsson Run to the Beat 2010 on 26/09/2010. He has a page on Justgiving:

Myself and other members of ‘Team Wolfpack’ will be taking part in Run to the Beat 1/2 Marathon on 26th September 2010. Each team member will be selecting a charity to raise money for. I have selected MS Research (Multiple Sclerosis) whose primary aim is to restore to people with MS functions and capabilities lost because of MS by whatever means possible and to contribute to its eventual cure.

I have never taken part in a Marathon or half marathon before but I am very confident of a good time aiming between 1.30hrs-2.15hrs (apparently this is a high aim). If anyone does come to watch I will be the one with the Superman cape. Our Training begins end of May 2010 for 16 weeks including a training camp (well holiday to either Cuba or Mexico).


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