New Coast2coast bike ride for MS Research

The team is very pleased that 3 adventurous and young men are going to do another Coast to Coast crossing for MS Research. This time it will be on a bike. Well, three bikes.

We received this message from David Graham:

Myself and two of my friends are going to be doing the coast to coast bike ride on August 26 for 7 days. I am 17 and my friends are 17 and 18, so this is our first event we are doing for charity. We are going from St Bee’s to Robin Hoods Bay, which is 210 miles. We have decided to do this for MS research. We aim to raise at least £500.00 but we believe we can get more than that.

We start on the 26 August departing from Basingstoke railway station, arriving at St Bee’s at 17.47 and that’s where it all begins. We are going to be staying in youth hostels and camping a couple of nights. We are cycling around 20 miles on the first evening to reach the first youth hostel which is a barn.

David added this comment:

“So please dig deep and donate now.”

MS Research welcomes this generous event full of youthful energy! This is how to create your own page!


One thought on “New Coast2coast bike ride for MS Research

  1. Sorry I only found this site now. there seems to be a big gap in posts so is there any more news or events you can post. for instance future plans, training etc.

    I'll be keeping my eye on this. good luck.

    Not everyone can afford Christmas gifts. Please give generously to charities at this time of year.

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