I Want to Ride My Bike for MS Research

MS Research charity is very pleased that Neel Shah has volunteered to ride from London to Paris to help the research.
We feel that it is fantastic that he is paying for the hidden costs of the journey: ferry, support and accommodation. This means that all the sponsoring he will get will go to help the research. Here is some of what he said on his justgiving page:

As some of you may know I’ve stupidly decided to ride from London to Paris on a bike!that’s 500km within 4 days. Thinking it wouldn’t be too dificult I agreed to this event with some friends but having fallen off my bike on the first training session and having had a few knocks since, I’m begining to think this may not be as easy as first thought.

Having recently spent time with my cousin who suffers greatly from Multiple Sclerosis, a condition which affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other, I have decided to raise money for MS Research, a dedicated MS charity committed to raising funds for research that will make a real difference for those who have MS and those who share their lives. Please give whatever you can because every donation really does make a difference.

The cost of travel for this trip is meant to come out of the donations I collect, however I have decided to cover this cost myself, so all contributions made by you will go to MS Research.

What a jolly good fellow! Less than a month to go, let’s give him a push!