News after Day 3 of coast2coastrun

When Phil was resting after running the marathon on Day 3; the next stage was firmly in his mind. MS Research charity is very proud of his efforts. He has not got anytime to update his coast2coastrun page on Justgiving. I am very happy to relay this, which I gleaned from Phil’s Facebook wall:

We have completed Day 3. Managed to do the whole of the Lakes in the first two days and are progressing well – covered approx. 90 Miles. Legs are sore but there’s plenty left in the tank!

Then Matt a wellwisher who seems to know the route could not help add:

Keep it up Phil. It sounds like you are going well. I hope the swamp monster on Nine Standards Rigg stays asleep as you pass.
Enjoy Reeth, then its heads down across the boring bit to Ingleby Cross.
Good luck.

Is it really any easier at anytime? What about this swamp monster? We’ll want to know all about that!


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