Last Fews Days before the Coast 2 Coast Run

Phil Boardman is getting all details sorted before the Coast to Coast Run commences. He knows the needs that Ian and him will have. He thinks that they’ll finish a marathon everyday at about 3pm. They will need accommodation for a bed and a cold bath as soon as they stop.

Youth Hostels make rooms available at 5pm! Quick let’s get this sorted!

It is nearly upon us – this time in 4 days we will be running, well, Ian and I will anyway! The rest of you can cruise from town to town enjoying hot cups of Coffee and Toasted Tea Cakes… Not that I’m jealous…

I would like to thank Rosie, Rosemary and Laurence [of MS Research charity] for all the help and hard work. I’m sure that it will pay dividends and make the whole event far more enjoyable. I would also like to thank Maddy[Phil’s wife] who’s been beavering away behind the scenes picking up all sorts of kit and food to support Ian and I during the run – she’s a star!

Although I still have the odd niggle and Ian is no doubt sore after his recent rowing heroics…I know that we’re both looking forward to cracking on and leaving the mountains in our wake!

Oh, and there is the budget to sort for the food and accommodation as Phil adds that they are not Richard Branson…Any help would be appreciated! They are proud to have raised 90% on their Justgiving coast2coastrun page. They want to give this to MS Research.


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