Coast2coastrun Made it to the Beach!

The week passed, Phil Boardman and Ian Daniels completed their 7 marathons in 7 Days yesterday at about 5pm when they reached the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay. These two intrepid fundraisers did it! I was crying. They also have smashed their minimum target on Justgiving for the charity MS Research.

I spoke the night before to Rosemary Howell the Fundraising Manager of the event. She had said:

They are both well but have some niggling pains. They are determined to finish the run!

It was a bit worrying as it had been close to the start that Ian twisted his ankle and Phil had blisters. So, I was worried and thinking of them all day!

I could not wait any longer and phoned Rosemary again just after 6pm to find out the news. We both were very emotional as she told me:

They reached the beach at 5pm! Their families were there to greet them with some champagne. They put a foot in the sea, all were absolutely delighted!

They have done a wonderful thing: they ran to help people with Multiple Sclerosis walk and have treatment!


Coast2coastrun Sends Update

Rosemary Howell of MS Research charity sent an update on the coast2coastrun by Phil Boardman and Ian Daniels.

Day 1 St Bees Head to Stonethwaite

At the start of the day the weather was cloudy, with a cold wind off the sea. Phil and Ian got off to a good start at 9.0am watched by family and supporters. One lady from the village had heard Ian talking on BBC Radio Cumbria about the run in aid of MS Research, and had come along to wish them well. Her sister had Multiple Sclerosis, so she was keen to wish the runners good luck. Her visit gave them a tremendous boost. Rendezvous points had been arranged on route to check on their progress and ensure they had plenty of liquids and energy for the run. 30 miles later they arrived at Stonethwaite in good shape although tired.

Distance run: 30.5 miles
Ascent: 3400

Day 2 Stonethwaite to Bampton

The day dawned clear and bright after an overnight stay at Honister Youth Hostel. The weather continued to be unexpectedly sunny and warm as they ran up three big mountain ranges, including Helvelyn. This was always destined to be the most difficult and challenging day of the week in terms of climbs and mileage covered. The ascent and descent was punishing on ankles and feet, and as a consequence Ian turned an ankle which proved painful in the evening. Phil started to find niggling blisters and foot problems were developing.

Distance run: 29 miles
Ascent: 6,500 feet

Day 3 Bampton to Kirby Stephen

The runners awoke to warm spring sunshine which turned in to an extremely hot sunny day, almost as hot as a summer day. As Phil and Ian left the Lake District they still encountered some tough climbing through the hills. Feet and ankles continued to suffer with the punishing terrain. Sunburn was a feature, and Phil commented that on one side of his face he looked as though he had holidayed in the Mediterranean, whilst the other side had been on holiday to Iceland!

Distance run: 25.25 milesAscent:

Day 4 Kirby Stephen to Reeth

After watching the parrots flying around Kirby Stephen (we all saw them, and no one was hallucinating!) Phil and Ian also got off to a flying start. This was another day of fantastic weather, so Phil was able to top up his sunburn. Again the route and the running was not for the faint hearted with much climbing in to the Yorkshire Dales. A rendezvous point at Keld village celebrated the half way point of the run. Feet and ankles continued to be tormented and punished by the terrain, and were a cause for concern in the evening and following morning.

Distance: 23.5 miles
Ascent: 2,500 feet

Phil will have to run backwards as a donor, with incredible knowledge of these things, had suggested! 🙂

News after Day 3 of coast2coastrun

When Phil was resting after running the marathon on Day 3; the next stage was firmly in his mind. MS Research charity is very proud of his efforts. He has not got anytime to update his coast2coastrun page on Justgiving. I am very happy to relay this, which I gleaned from Phil’s Facebook wall:

We have completed Day 3. Managed to do the whole of the Lakes in the first two days and are progressing well – covered approx. 90 Miles. Legs are sore but there’s plenty left in the tank!

Then Matt a wellwisher who seems to know the route could not help add:

Keep it up Phil. It sounds like you are going well. I hope the swamp monster on Nine Standards Rigg stays asleep as you pass.
Enjoy Reeth, then its heads down across the boring bit to Ingleby Cross.
Good luck.

Is it really any easier at anytime? What about this swamp monster? We’ll want to know all about that!

Coast2coastrun in Good Form on Easter

I got news from the C2C Run for MS Research charity. I phoned Rosemary, our fundraiser, she gave me some news about how Phil and Ian were doing.
The first day was OK but the second day was the hardest. They sustained a few injuries but they are still running with great determination. They had to go across 3 mountain ranges in Cumbria.
Their Justgiving page was already over their minimum target when they started. Now it shows on the graph that it is 102%. That does not include the offline donations that they are collecting on the way.
I am so pleased to be able to let you know that our event “7 Marathons in 7 Days” is still going strong.

Coast2coastrun sends Message of Thanks

On Wednesday Morning, I was very pleased to get this message from Phil Boardman, who is fundraising using Justgiving with the coast2coastrun. He wrote to let the donors know his news:

There’s now only 2 days until Ian and I start running and I wanted to thank you all for sponsoring us. You’ve been incredibly generous and will be happy to know that we’re getting very near to our target.

We set out to raise £5000 for MS Research and we have currently (as of 07:30 this morning) got to £4742. If we added Gift Aid to this we would have smashed it but we still hope to get the extra £258 outright by the time we finish running.

I have a Facebook page that I plan to update during the week we’re away with photos and videos, as long as I can find a connection!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – I hope we give the mountains a good beating and make you all proud.

I bet all were pleased to hear from this intrepid funraiser. I could not help myself chuckle! What if just £108 arrived? Would they get wings?

Last Fews Days before the Coast 2 Coast Run

Phil Boardman is getting all details sorted before the Coast to Coast Run commences. He knows the needs that Ian and him will have. He thinks that they’ll finish a marathon everyday at about 3pm. They will need accommodation for a bed and a cold bath as soon as they stop.

Youth Hostels make rooms available at 5pm! Quick let’s get this sorted!

It is nearly upon us – this time in 4 days we will be running, well, Ian and I will anyway! The rest of you can cruise from town to town enjoying hot cups of Coffee and Toasted Tea Cakes… Not that I’m jealous…

I would like to thank Rosie, Rosemary and Laurence [of MS Research charity] for all the help and hard work. I’m sure that it will pay dividends and make the whole event far more enjoyable. I would also like to thank Maddy[Phil’s wife] who’s been beavering away behind the scenes picking up all sorts of kit and food to support Ian and I during the run – she’s a star!

Although I still have the odd niggle and Ian is no doubt sore after his recent rowing heroics…I know that we’re both looking forward to cracking on and leaving the mountains in our wake!

Oh, and there is the budget to sort for the food and accommodation as Phil adds that they are not Richard Branson…Any help would be appreciated! They are proud to have raised 90% on their Justgiving coast2coastrun page. They want to give this to MS Research.

90% of Minimum Target on Justgiving Page!

Our runners Phil Boardman and Ian Daniels were busy with the day job. The webmaster had a rare day off and did not login in any blog or twittered.

Oh joy, after all the donations offline have permitted this amazing delightful surprise. I’ll share it with you. A week before embarking in their amazing challenge Phil and Ian have reached 90% of the minimum target they set on their justgiving page toraise funds for MS Research