Runners Keep their Resolve!

Well, after finding out about the local scenery and knowing the support these intrepid Coast2Coast ultra marathon runners where going to get. I mailed Phil Boardman at work. I wanted to know about their running in a Cornwall marathon on Sunday 8th March. He wrote me these extremely interesting news when he could manage some spare time:

I ran an extremely hard marathon. The weather was bloody awful – the course record was 2:31 and the winner could only manage a 2:55 (I think, maybe slower) which showed how tough it was. I managed a respectable 3:36 which I was proud of in the conditions. Ian also had a really good weekend, he ran back to back 15 milers so we’re both getting there now. We went to a lecture by an explorer/athlete last week too which has refreshed our enthusiasm. I’ve got a half marathon this weekend and Ian is pressing on getting used to running back to back days. After that, we plan to run together on Salisbury Plain next weekend – that will be the last chance for us to train together before the event. Less than a month to go!!!

It is wonderful news that so much energy is going to help the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Their target is to reach £5,000 as their Justgiving page shows for MS Research. I like to say that they run to help PwMS walk!


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